Earn while you learn. Get Your National Qualification from home with maximum support from your tutor.

Benefit from a study option that suits your schedule and your pocket. Our Supported Distance Learning Programmes are ideal if you work during the week and have a busy lifestyle. Many students like to avoid the unnecessary traveling to class and prefer studying from home. We support this because you are not alone.

It takes a lot of  self-discipline and a bit of extra effort to study via distance learning. That’s why we handhold you throughout your studies.

How distance learning works

Our ‘secret sauce’

It takes a lot of  self-discipline and a bit of extra effort to study via distance learning.

Distance learning means studying from home and not coming to classes on a regular basis. without ever physically coming to class. Your college will send you your study material and you would study on your own from home until you are ready to book your exam. We have found that most students shy away from studying through distance learning because there is no structure. At IBTC we have turned distance learning on its head – we give you structure, unlimited tutor support and a course monitor who checks up on you.  It’s that course monitor that makes all the difference.


One of our favourite words is handholding and we have discovered a way to successfully handhold you through your studies regardless of where you are in the country. We understand that the structure you find in traditional classes is very important to you, so we have built in the same type of structure into your distance learning course.


Many students benefit from studying at their own pace and enlisting the support of their tutor when they need it. This way you can work through the material in your own time without the distractions of travelling and class mates. With our ‘handholding’ programme and our tutors who are ready to support you, you won’t be studying alone.



We like to give you an orientation call shortly after you’ve recieved your study material and then we continue to call you to check up on you and see how you’re progressing with your studies. You never feel alone.


You have your own online tutor to help you. So, when you feel stuck you can ask a professional. It’s an email away.


We believe in the power of question practise, so we provide you with online access to the answers to all the activities in your textbook. We want you to do all the questions you can lay your hands on, and then supply you with the answers so you can see how you are doing. We also give you two past exam papers to practice on, because practicing on exam-standard questions is vital for solid exam preparation.


Once you have a semester mark of >40%, you are eligible to register for the exam. We help you with that and will also find a venue for you in your area.


Study towards a national qualification with IBTC

Registration is now open for our National Diplomas in Business Management, HR Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management  and Management Assistant.


There will be easy days and harder days. Some days you may feel like giving up. This is quite normal and it happens to all students. It’s important that you contact us when you are stuck and need help with an element of your work. But this is not the only time we like to hear from you. When you are unsure about something or you just need to get back on track, please reach out to us. Our goal is to get you to complete your course and get your Diploma. We will bend over backwards to make this happen. So when you need us, reach out to us.