Nikki Maritz

My job is to ensure we stay true to our purpose. I come to work every day to enhance the careers and enrich the lives of all the stakeholders in IBTC –the students, staff, suppliers and shareholders. We use our business to add value to people’s lives. I ensure we stay the course.

Charissa Cousins

I ensure our lofty ideals are turned into actions and lived by everyone each day. We believe we can get you to pass faster and my job is to ensure we throw everything at it.

Sue Jabbitt

Finance Manager
I make sure we have enough cash in the business to support the operation. A business that is so focussed on delivering value to its customers is going to need a good cash flow to sustain itself.


Exam Manager
My job is to achieve the pass rate targets that are set for the business. I keep my eye on every students and every process that may impact your exam performance. Your exam performance is a key deliverable for me.


Student Consultant
I help you make the right decisions up front. Together we can align your dreams to your reality and set you up for success with the right course, the right study method and the right number of subjects per semester. Let me help you. I’m here to serve.